Ford Escort Mk1/Mk2 modified competition cars (Atlas axle).
The last Ford Escort rolled off the assembly line on February 20, 2002.
Three-door hatchback models had a curving windowline along the side towards the rear of the car.Ford Sierra XR4i, ford Sierra XR4x4.8i.9i.Note that Salisbury is simply the design/style of axle which is common amongst many different manufacturer makes (this name should not be confused with Salisbury LSD units that fit the English axle).Production ceased at the end of the 2003 model year.Ford, which owned a 25 stake in Mazda, already sold a version of the 323/Familia in Asia and Australasia, called the Ford Laser, which had replaced the old rear-wheel drive Escort there.Henry Ford pioneered concepts of mass-production that are now taken for granted in today's world.In March 1982 a HO (High Output) version of the engine was added, originally only sacramento escort latina in the EXP and with an automatic transmission, but soon thereafter available with a manual and also in the sporting Escort.Intended for use as the base engine in the larger European Ford Mondeo and its American cousins, the Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique, the Zetec gave the ZX2 more-than-respectable performance, running 060.4 seconds.Pony models used plainer interior trim with greater use of vinyl and plastic instead of cloth, and a 4-speed manual transaxle was standard, although buyers could opt for the 5-speed found in LX models or the 3-speed ATX automatic.The two models shared the same block but, due to the different camshafts and the different cylinder head, the torque output for the Focus was bumped up by 8 ftlbf (11 Nm).The Pony departed in 1992, replaced by the Standard trim level.In 1992, the grill oval hall around the "Ford" emblem became a little larger in order to allow more air to enter under the hood to cool the engine.European models from Ford include the Anglia/Popular/Prefect, Consul/Zephyr, Cortina, Anglia, Capri, Sierra, Granada, Escort, Fiesta and Mondeo as well as all the countless other Ford products such as the Transit Van.For the Escort ZX2, see.