It is located directly underneath the exhaust manifold.
Yes, the.0 liter SPI ( sohc ) engine in a 1997 Ford escort mk2 rally spares Escort LX is an interference engine * according to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etc.
NThere is no trunk release for a 97 Escort.You can view the 1997 Ford Escort owners manual online at : www.I think the higher compression of these engines (due to the Brazilian habit of mixing in ethanol in the petrol, which increases octane level) combined with syntethic oil can be bad for the head gasket.Is there a way other than replacing the whole headlight unit to get rid of the film.You get to know the inside secrets of your companies oils.Entire power train is original and has never used a drop of oil between oil changes.Mine is on the firewall side of the oil tank.Disconnect the wires by unplugging them.MY head gasket is gone, and when I checked the internet for replacement I found TWO other LX with blown head gaskets.The LX i have (Brazilian made) have a problem with failing head gaskets.You should see a retainer ring that unscrews to allow the bulb to be removed from the back of the assembly.The 2002 Ford Escort owners manual shows.The car does not look like much, but is very economical and low maintenance.The 1994 Ford Escort LX uses R-134a Freon.Also, don't reattach the sensor wire until after a new sender is en you won't damage the wire.You need fuel to the injectors and both need to happen at precisely the right time.I have a '95 Escort and my factory manual shows how to disassemble the console and remove the section where the cig.