2001 ford zx2 timing belt replacement

It is held tight by the timing belt tensioner, to ensure the belt is not able to skip a tooth, or jump time.
Caution: The camshaft must be held stationary at the hexagons with locking pliers.Install the timing peg.RepairPal Recommendations for timing belt issues Since this service requires removal of the timing cover, it is recommended to replace the timing belt, water pump, and possibly front seals at the same time, unless they have been recently serviced.My interpretation of what I see in the picture, fig.Install the timing belt covers.Caution: If the crankshaft timing belt is to be reused, mark the direction of the camshaft timing belt to the rotation of the camshaft prior to removal, or premature wear or failure may occur.Ford, model, what is a timing belt?Im not going to cover the removal of anything required to gain access the belt.Remove the valve cover.I have found that all instructions I have seen for this job leave much to be desired and, to compound the problem, they seem to be written assuming the belt hasnt broken, dahh.What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Timing Belt?The tensioner applies pressure to the timing belt keeping it tight, while the pulleys keep the timing belt in line.(There is a special Ford tool for this, but any piece of steel that will hold them in place will work.) The tricky part here is how to properly time the cams: They can go in any of four orientations.How often do timing belts need to be replaced?Timing Belt, keep in mind: When replacing a timing belt, also replace the water pump, tensioner, and pulleys.Remove and replace timing belt, water pump, pulleys, and tensioners.Tie Rod End Replacement - Outer, fuel Pump Replacement Get an Estimate cid escort meaning How are timing belt issues diagnosed?Note: Incorrect timing belt tension will cause incorrect valve timing.Pre-tension the timing belt.

What is the Timing Belt all about?