85 escort gt turbo

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It fits right in with the Thunderbird Turbo Coupe and Taurus.
The first-generation GT wasnt especially quick, but it looked cool (by 1980s standards) and probably swiped a pregnant escort amsterdam few sales away from the Civic Si and Volkswagen GTI.Heres one that I spotted in Northern California in December.Mazda Escort GT s wore out, depreciated to oblivion, and got crushed during the 1990s, but I still see the occasional example in wrecking yards these days.Nearly all of the pre.Who wouldnt want a carefully selected interior?The.9 liter engine made 108 horsepower, which wasnt bad in 1988.It looks much like a contemporary Fox Mustang, which was a pretty quick car by the last 1980s.Fords first American-built front-wheel-drive compact car was so much better than the miserable Pinto it replaced that it sold in huge escort redline x quantities.Related, posted in, down On The Junkyard, Features, tagged as 1988 Ford Escort GT, Down On The Junkyard, escort, Escort GT, Ford, ford escort, Ford Escort GT, junkyard, Junkyard Find, recommended.There must be a story behind this afterthought-looking warning sticker on the hvac controls.(1.8) (1).Escort, mk IV (GAF, AWF, abft).6.Escort, iII RS, turbo.Escort 95 Express.' 716 Complaints against the Kent Cops in one year ' In just one year the records showed that Kent had 716 public complaints made against its officers.