Kernel Magazine is reporting that a whore house in birmingham uk private apartment in Stockholm was rented via Airbnb and then turned into a call girl cozy nest.
Brothel City is a real-time honolulu escort service strategy / pleasures city construction sim in a classic fantasy setting, where you can try yourself as a manager of the roadside flophouse, where passing by travelers stop to have a rest.Sorry about that!' More or less.According to the owners, the Airbnb users looked "very high class, with business suits it was strange that they would rent an apartment when they clearly could afford a hotel.".At least they were nice and clean, unlike the "psychotic criminals and identity thieves" who trashed a woman's apartment last summer.Animals, Awesome, beautiful, beauty, car, cars, Celebs, cute, Daily gifdump, Daily picdump, demotivational, facts, fail, fails, flash, funny, funny photos, Funny picdump, games, gifs, girls, hilarious, hot, humor, images, interesting, kids, LOL, Morning picdump, photobomb, picdump, pictures, selection, sexy, These funny animals, weird, win, wins.The owners were on a four-week vacation when they arrived to find a note by the police: 'your house has been a whorehouse for a month and we had to raid.When they broke into the house, the prostitutes were in bed with two punters.Apparently, the police had been following the suspects for a while.Useful evidence, at least.And yes, waitresses and housemaids from the inn (upgraded flophouse) are always ready to please clients.But "more solvent" also means "more demanding" - of a quality and number of rooms, food, drinks, brothel creepers shoes bathes, entertainment and, of course, girls' skills, 'cause alway.As more and more travelers will leave being fully satisfied, they will spread rumors about the place where you can have a very good rest, more respectable and solvent travelers will pave their ways through your place.
You know your things can get stolen, your place can get trashed, your sofa can get infested by someone else's pubic hairand now, your apartment can get turned into a brothel.
The ownerstwo young, svenska womenthen found a bag full of condoms that the policemen obviously missed.