adults have imaginary friends too

Like I said, I'm very introverted and oftentimes I don't or can't really verbalize complex feelings and thought processes.
I have an older sister, my parents have a happy marriage, I'm not bullied any more than any high school backpage phoenix escorts student, I have a relatively active social life(granted I'm an introvert and don't go out too much just because I don't want to I'm involved.
You can't hide your emotions from him; he feels your emotional pain.
Download Over 20,000 Hentai Manga, 3d Adult Sex, Incest, Cartoon For Free.I don't favor him over my real friends or let him get in the way of my real life.Porn comics, milftoon, y3DF, jabcomix, milffur, melkormancin.And they get real mad when you say their imaginary enemies are not real-like they get mad when you say their imaginary friends are not real.That's when Cole showed.Rarely have I ever had an original character as a friend (I have one.That is, some lonely adults pretend to have friends to keep them from being lonely.I could tell no one outside my nuclear family, not even my best friend of 11 years.That is, some lonely kids pretend to have friends to keep them from being lonely.I was very bored.I will view him as a close friend and I will be grateful for his support.Usually these characters are pulled from movies or video games.In short, I'm fairly certain Cole is an extension of my conscience combined with a coping mechanism to deal with stress.Someone who knows how I'm feeling, so I might as well talk about it, since I had no one else, and I did.God " is real so that those adults won't get mad and be mean to you.Click, hERE to contact.His only effect on my life has been making things easier.I don't think it's particularly healthy, but I believe it's a coping mechanism.
When I couldn't go to my real life friends I went to Cole and honestly, I don't think he ever really left for more than a few hours that whole week.