advantages of banning prostitution

Mann Act (1910 which prohibited interstate transportation of women for immoral purposes.
Brothels were banned in the Netherlands in 1911 to protect prostitutes from exploitation.
In particular, we shouldnt ban something because someone else has decided that no one could possibly find happiness in doing.
The police estimate that over half of the total number of male and female prostitutes in the Netherlands are from abroad., how much power do local authorities have in regulating prostitution?First consider the issue of whether to ban prostitution entirely.In Africa especially, one factor in the rapid spread of aids has been the prostitution industry serving migrant labourers.Is prostitution legal in the Netherlands?International cooperation to end the traffic in women for the purpose of prostitution began in 1899.Ten percent of all prostitutes were drug addicts, the majority Dutch nationals or former Dutch nationals.In addition, international organizations set up programs to treat those copper brothel brewery infected and to care for children orphaned by the epidemic.The legalisation of brothels has several advantages for prostitutes.They may for example withdraw a licence or refuse to grant one if: the owner of a brothel is unable to produce a police clearance certificate issued by the local authorities the intended location conflicts with zoning plans the brothel employs a minor.Perceptions of prostitution are based on culturally determined values that differ between societies.The law enforcement authorities in the Netherlands give priority to combating the traffic in persons, the exploitation of prostitutes, and the employment of minors in prostitution.
"The women cried out Japanese brothel whores wwii veteran Yasuji Kaneko would later recall, "but it didn't matter to us whether the women lived or died.
Prostitution exists in almost a third of Dutch municipalities.

Window prostitution occurs in 12 cities in the Netherlands.
No person has a right to make that decision on behalf of all of humanity.