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SWI Swissinfo (in German).
"Switzerland's drive-thru Brothels hailed a success after year-long trial".
Boos, Susan (19 September 2013).
Prostitutes can ply their trade openly in specific areas of some cities, as well as in brothels or through police prostitution clients escort services, as long as they best whorehouse in texas cast pay taxes and social charges on the sex date for baby boy money they make.1, unaids estimate there to be 20000 prostitutes in the country.Running the drive-in, which cost around 2million euros (2.6 million;.6million) to set up, has also proved more costly than originally thought.In recent years the number of full service sex workers has increased.'The first year of the service has been positive Zurich social services said in their statement.Geneva (AFP) The Swiss parliament voted Tuesday to raise the legal prostitution age from 16 to 18, tightening the country's liberal sex-trade laws to bring them in line with European standards.Prostitution has been legal in the Netherlands since 2000 when ban on brothels was lifted and replaced by.Retrieved 2 November 2015.Trafficking, forcing people into prostitution and most forms of pimping are illegal.The number of prostitutes working in the drive-in averaged 15 a night, half the number who worked the old red-light area before the city stepped in to regulate the business."Jugendprostitution in der Schweiz: Noch kein Verbot - SWI" (in German).With the law change, prostitutes between the ages of 16 and 18 will not face penalties, but clients who pay for sex with minors will face up to three years behind bars.3 Swiss prostitutes are self-employed: regular employment requirements such when and where to work would make the employer likely to be in breach of article 195.Female victims among asylum-seekers came from Nigeria, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, and were often forced into prostitution."Ein Verbot schadet den Frauen" A ban harms the women.Zurich's drive-thru brothels have been hailed a success by Swiss social services, a year after they first opened.
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Prostitution is legal and regulated in Switzerland, where it is considered a legitimate form of economic activity.
Social services said that as well as protecting prostitutes, few neighbours were bothered by the comings and goings at the drive-in in the Altstetten district.
"Sex workers: Population size estimate - Number, 2016".