After a rehabilitation programme, she worked for years as a cleaning lady in bars and is now a pastry chef on a monthly salary of about 110, half of which goes on rent.
Voluptuous, with long curly hair and big black eyes, 31-year old Eva speaks without embarrassment about the clients she goes with, how much she charges, sexual positions and even the fights among the women who share the street.Article 114 Exploitation of prostitution - "Encouragement, mediation, or receipt of compensation for exercising prostitution article 115 Use of premises for prostitution - "Managing, utilizing, financing, renting the premises for purposes of prostitution " Sex trafficking edit Albania is a source, transit, and destination country.In March 2009, the government approved an amendment to the Social Assistance law which will provide victims of trafficking with the same social benefits accorded to other at-risk groups in Albania and provide government funding for shelters."Girls also haven't returned because they fear everyone will be pointing fingers at them." Road to rehabilitation Many Western countries now have well-resourced programmes to help victims of trafficking make a fresh start.Ask any Albanian out there.Foreign from Eastern European countries, Philippines, and Nigeria were subjected to sex trafficking in Albania."In Albania, there was no job for me Eva says.An Albanian court is considering a Belgian request for Frroku's extradition.Albanian victims are subjected to conditions of forced labor and sex trafficking within Albania and, greece, Italy, Macedonia, Kosovo, and, western Europe.Government officials have increased public attention to trafficking in Albania."They have a lot of possibilities to rebuild their lives and most of them like to work as quickly as possible Sorensen says."The reasons behind the failure of many cases is that prosecutors base their charges only on the testimony of the victim she says.These working groups, however, reportedly do not always include civil society actors and do not efficiently address trafficking cases brought to their attention.Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and African migrants transit Albania to reach Western Europe and are vulnerable to trafficking.Its dark, and its awful, and I never want it again."She was ashamed to say what had happened to her and felt guilty for running away from home with him Sokolaj." The case against Sokolaj was first registered in the prosecutor's office in Fier, which refused to start criminal proceedings against him, you are my escort meaning saying it could.Her new husband forced her into prostitution in Greece.