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Deutsche Wirtschaftsbetriebe GmbH German Economic Enterprises Ltd.; Created by the SS and controlled by the wvha Deutscher Frauenorden (DFO) German Women's Order.
Westport, CT: Praeger (p. .The award came in two classes and was extended to both Germans and foreigners.Further subdivided into: Bezirke districts Kreise counties or subdistricts; smaller units of the Bezirk Ortsgruppen Party branch or local branches.Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (lssah) Hitler's SS bodyguard regiment, originally commanded by Sepp Dietrich.Bodengebunden bound to the soil bodenständiger Kapitalismus 'home country-orientated capitalism' goldcoast tranny escorts or 'sedentary capitalism' productive capitalism,.e., industry (as opposed to unproductive 'nomadic' capitalism,.e., financial speculation, believed by the Nazis to be dominated by the Jews) was a Nazi economic concept.Hitler's red dead redemption prostitute pick up Crusade: Bolshevism and the Myth of the International Jewish Conspiracy,.Nordstern architectural project to construct a new, exclusively German-populated metropolis and naval base close to the Norwegian city of Trondheim.Einheitspreisgeschäft business which sold goods and commodities inside Nazi Germany in accordance with government regulated prices.Nazi doctrine held that such people were still entitled to the full rights of being German, especially those who remained affiliated with the Fatherland.Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda The " Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda directed by Joseph Goebbels, established to spread Nazi propaganda.Entpolnisierung ( Depolonization ) term employed for the clearing of racially Polish people and Jews from Poland, accomplished through the use of exploitative slave labor and mass murder.Leichenkommando (Corpse Commando) term for an escort carrier ship inmate within a concentration camp tasked with collecting dead bodies.They held Bauernkundgebungen (farmer's rallies).Parteitage (nsdap) Party (rally) days.Bergen-Belsen concentration camp located near the German village of Bergen, nearby Hannover.Landwirtschaftlicher Fachberater expert consultant on agriculture that was assigned to every nsdap Gau and Ort unit.The nsdap's term for the years between 19 in political opposition.
Männerbund bond of men; it was a distinctly masculine mystique which became an essential part of SA ideology (see male bonding ).