On the stern I'm using 3 beam arrays.
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This rating drops as the weapons are fired, as all the Energy weapons are consistently pulling from the energy reserves, and dropping even more rapidly when abilities such as Cannon: Rapid Fire and Beam Overload are used.It is the most popular of the three Heavy Escort classes.A refit equipped with an impulse capacitance cell to improve maneuverability and speed during combat.Akira class, heavy Escort closely resembles the, enterprise massage escort amsterdam from the TV series.Ships of this classification were the counterpart to the primary universe temporal science vessel.To even make a dent in higher level ships, such as STF Elites, the power settings for the weapons must be full.It was interesting to note that loading four torpedo launchers on the front of the Artemis did not allow for the four launchers to fire concurrently.I'm a tactical captain, with the absolute minimum skill points alloted to ground combat.Console - Universal - Torpedo Point Defense System.Find, reply #, a level escort hong kong 09:02 PM, i'm running the Armitage (HEC) and I have been using 2 Antiproton heavy dual cannons, 1 AP dual beams and 1 Quantum torp launcher on the bow and 2 AP beams and 1 QT launcher on the stern.My Heavy Escort Carrier (the USS Artemis) is incomplete, but currently has five of the seven weapons slots with Photon Torpedoes.Defiant -class was described as being one of the most powerful warships in the, alpha Quadrant.Please consider disabling Adblock to help support my channel.Definitely consider taking a Tyken's Rift 1 to hammer at their shields as well.Star Trek: Enterprise.Like the blockade runner escort, Federation light escorts were also considered frigates,.e.Advanced escorts were usually commanded by officers ranked rear Admiral, lower half or higher, while a specialized Multi-Vector Advanced Escort refit was available for vice admirals.I've also seen some recommendations about configuring the Armitage as a torpedo boat within the STO universe.
Patrol Escort (though it has the same amount of crew).

There are advantages and disadvantages to both configurations, and it will be interesting to see how various captains change their tactics depending on the configuration.
( STO missions : " Operation Gamma " Boldly They Rode Heavy escort carrier starship classes Edit Federation Akira -class Oslo -class Armitage -class Zephyr -class Dominion Jem'Hadar heavy escort carrier Romulan Republic Ar'Kif -class tactical warbird Advanced escort Edit Advanced escorts were heavily armed.