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"Sex workers defend buyers.
The former majority Conservative government supported the prohibition of prostitution.
Violence Against Women September 2000 vol."Should Prostitution Be Legal?This Bill amended Section 279.01 of Canadas Criminal Code to create a new offence for child trafficking with a five-year mandatory penalty.Facts and Figures Country Profile "Canada." (accessed 17 February 2004, inactive 2010.1, many sex workers' rights organizations, however, argue that the new law entrenches and maintains harm against sex workers.Gallup Poll 1998, cited in Toronto Star March 9, 1992 Davis J, Smith.It came into effect on December 6, 2014.50 Such prostitute odessa numbers, however, should be treated with extreme caution (see above).23 24 The Supreme Court also agreed to hear a cross-appeal by sex-trade workers on the Court of Appeal for Ontario's decision to ban solicitation.Unintended results of research.CBC african escorts in sydney News, May 10, 2006.Issues that policy making bodies need to deal with include which jurisdiction should exercise powers, and which powers.

Estimates of the number of commercially sexually exploited children and youth in BC vary greatly." 49 Federal initiatives edit The Criminal Code was amended in 1988 to include child sexual abuse, and linking juvenile prostitution to the procuring section.
The term "sex work" is used interchangeably with "prostitution" in this article, in accordance with the World Health Organisation (WHO 2001; WHO 2005) and the United Nations (UN 2006; unaids 2002).