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The Rip Tide live for the first time.
Though Condon is certainly the main draw the humble, understated front man held the long-sold-out crowd in the palm of his hand from the moment he took the stage, alternating between trumpet and ukelele throughout the night Beiruts fans have clearly bought into this being.
Beirut, elephant Gun, single Review, now this is an odd one, and no mistake.
Scenic World, Vagabond and Elephant Gun anchored the beginning of the show, and a pair.In between, the band hit all the expected right notes with selections like Nantes, Sunday Smile, The Shrew and Postcards From Italy and even performed the title track from.There's a lovely coda though, in which something that sounds vaguely cornet-like reprises the tune over something that sounds like a badly cranked barrel organ, but probably isn't.Interesting flavours, but I'm not sure I could eat a whole one.Montreal trio Little Scream was a pleasant surprise in the opening slot, providing some vocally stunning moments spun between hushed numbers and onslaughts of noise during a confident 40-minute set that blew its previous Boston performance out of the water.Well, if "Elephant Gun" is anything to go by, pretty pop songs sung to a backing of interesting arrangements."Elephant Gun" has a shuffly, waltzy feel.Amazon, a Call to Arms, nantes, a Sunday Smile, guyamas Sonora.Beiruts Setlist (courtesy of the fine contributors at Scenic World / Vagabond / Elephant Gun / East Harlem / Postcards From Italy / Cherbourg / Santa Fe / The Shrew / Port of Call / A Sunday Smile / Nantes / Serbian Cocek / The.Well, something's working for young Mr Zach Condon (he's still only twenty-one), because he's playing festival after festival this summer all over Europe.Apollonia, the Flying Club Cup.The largest ovations of the night were not for recent radio staples like Santa Fe, but rather for the brass-heavy selections where the expanded touring outfit would stand unified across the front of the stage, 5 horns strong.The encore was steeped in early-career gems, including Carousels.A lad from New Mexico who makes solo records but performs with a ten-piece band.March of the Zapotec/Holland tracks (including My Night with the Prostitute From Marseille) brought the main set to a stirring close.Far from a pure ode.Local fans had waited a very long time for this, and on Tuesday night nearly a year to the date after the bands latest album was unleashed on the world Zach Condon finally brought Beirut back to Boston.All in all, a nice little snack.It's really rather charming, although it's the instrumentation pizza whore t shirt that holds the attention rather than the song itself, which is pretty thin and flimsy.
It's less obvious, less melodic, but still kind of fun.
It's wistful, in a shabby, faded, decadent kind of way.