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She was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay 400 court costs.
RichardCrease/bnps, murder scene: Colehill Crescent in the Muscliff estate, Bournemouth.
She is heard saying: "A man's attacked her.The operator then asked where the knife was and she replied: "I don't know where the knife is, I think it's in the house.Her chest was completely visible.Did you not think to wear a condom?!I wish it were that easy.Prosecutors believe the attack was premeditated after Maynes computer revealed he had searched for last liberia brothels minute flights, trains and ferry crossing before he went to Miss Williams house.Do you have HIV?Original post by, sylosis it's an obvious possibility, will be having blood work done this week (pre booked in advanced).They also found searches for videos of women being attacked and he had bought a packet of knives at a Tesco store the night before, the court heard.( Original post by Moa ) It's not as easy for boys as for girls.A woman who tried to save a man's life at a brothel has been found guilty of helping to run the establishment.Neighbours rushed to the aid of the 25-year-old covered in blood after they were alerted by her screams.Way to go to cause the public health system money.(and if you did, why is it a possibility?) (.Prosecutor William Mousley told the court that Mayne had stalked Miss Williams' Facebook profile prior to catching the bus to her house.Why did you go with a hoe and not just a ONS or something?In a statement, the CPS said Norman was "clearly involved in the running and management of the brothel".The English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP which supported her, said she was only a cleaner working two days a week at the brothel in Bournemouth.Mr Langlios said Miss Williams slumped to the ground as he approached her and said: "Oh my God, I'm dying.".We need the ambulance now, she's bleeding loads."."He Mayne said 'I can't believe I did this.
Original post by, bronco2012 how much was she?

Christy Norman, 70, from Poole, Dorset, told a court she dialled 999 and performed CPR while everyone else fled.