I was quite surprised by that ruling, John says.
That decision has thrown the future of this kind of work into question.
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Thats the best form of evidence.As for John, he says he considers himself incredibly lucky.I dont know how its going to affect the councils, how effective this kind of work is going to be in the future.Its certainly not a huge amount.Registered Address: Dynamis Limited.I dont broadcast it because it is a little bit unbelievable to be involved in this sort of work.But Im being paid to do something most people pay good money for.Im sure plenty of fellas would be a bit envious of how Im earning a bit of pocket money from time to time, he tells.The instructions are, if sexual services are on offer, to engage in those sexual services for the payment of money.In its judgment, the court found the councils evidence of sexual services being offered fell short of the legal definition of brothel, which involves more than one prostitute using the premises at any one time.Who, what, when, where, how much.John speaks in the kind of conspiratorial, slightly sheepish tone you might expect from a guy who gets paid by ratepayers to engage in sexual services like he cant quite believe his luck, and doesnt know how long the party is going to last.X, buying a Business: This website is a portal used by various Sellers to advertise their businesses for sale.Im not surprised that some people would say that spending ratepayers money on the services we provide is outrageous, but they dont understand that we help stop sex trafficking, for example.
John says his reports what is aggravated prostitution can run for up to three pages.
Residents at Chippendales Central Park were highly critical of the City of Sydney Council for demanding they front up the cash for a private investigator, when other councils around the state choose to pay.