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Introduce child fines, or, restore child benefit,.The Brothel also helps with the orgy you need to have for some legendary weapon abilities.Please take one second and rate this tutorial.Without a better in-game map cough, Lionhead, cough the best way to find it is to look for the row of houses including "Rotter's Flump" and "Sailor's Retreat" on your margarita island venezuela prostitutes map overview.Decide either to donate the diamond or keep.You wont be able to create the Brothel until after you become the ruler of Albion.You should still be able to make this choice and be a good character, as long as you didnt make too many other evil choices during the game.Not a Chance, absolutely.Share: Talk to the butler Hobson.In, fable 3 for the Xbox 360, there is a Brothel you can create for your private entertainment.The brothel/orphanage is on the same street.Best Answer: In the industrial area- if you remember the quest to rescue the fiancée, same building.At some point you will be confronted with an opportunity to create an Orphanage or a Brothel in Bowerstone Industrial.
Choose the Brothel, but understand that this will be considered an evil choice.
Consider proposal to restore child orphanage.