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The goal was to prevent the degradation of women and children 2 and prevent prostitution but to promote, chastity and purity.
Feminist historians have even rediscovered Christianity as an important site in the historical construction of gender.In hospital it is a man again who makes prayers and reads the Bible for.By Annabelle Katumba, it is men only men, from the first to the last, that we have to do with!Most Victorian statutes looked not to the customer but to the vendor as the prime contaminator in the sexual exchange and focused on providing a safe source of uninfected escort service olympia women for men who remained free from coercive treatment or inspection.24 Additionally, Section 35 of The Town Polices Clause Act 1847 made it illegal for a person with licensed premises to allow prostitutes to assemble there as this counted as disorderly persons.Agatha Stacey argued that single mothers were feeble minded and as a result produced offspring who were similarly mentally handicapped and criminally inclined.For the above reasons, it seems that despite their wholesome aims, preventive homes effectively used sexually suppressive methods against women.Rogers Memorial Home for Friendless Girls.Hence, its clear that the aim of saving working-class girls trapped in poverty was undermined by the clear need to ensure these women preserved themselves by refraining from sexual promiscuity.The Contagious Diseases Act 1864 (repealed in 1886) gave police the power to arrest and examine women suspected of prostituting or carrying a venereal disease.Inside the property, much of the fittings from the previous owners still remain - with red lit reception room which appears to show a lap-dancing pole.Image caption Police carried out the raid following information from local people.We pay for your stories!Effectively, this shifts criminal liability from those engaged in sex work to those looking to exploit vulnerable women.There is significant debate as to whether prostitution is exploitation or expression.20, therefore, prostitutes faced backlash as they presented a challenge to the constructed idea of middle-class femininity.18, this conceptualization held that a marriage, home and family resulted in a society that has civilisation, order, and morality.Much like the biblical figure Mary Magdalen, through religious growth, girls who led a sinful life could change and be forgiven city of dreams manila prostitutes for their past transgressions.Middle-class women set the standard of what was perceived as the correct life; working-class women benefitted from being around them as it would encourage them to model their moral conduct.Three of the buildings raided in the operation were found to be vacant, but evidence at the scene suggested they had also been used as brothels, police said.Det Insp Darren Haynes, who co-orientated the operation, said: "We built up a really good picture of what was going on thanks to information that was coming in from concerned residents and other agencies.