Planning Applications (47 application, date received, authority 103 Grandview Street, Pymble, NSW.
Fence is designed.8m high, 63 Clanville Road, Roseville, NSW 4 months ago Modification to DA0548/17 - Alterations and additions - heritage conservation area 63 Clanville Road, Roseville, NSW 4 months ago Modification to DA0548/17 - Alterations and additions - heritage conservation area.
Associated signage, civil infrastructure works and the relocation of Balfour Lane.Replay, loading, playing.A 33-year-old woman is dead after her bicycle and a car collided in Pymble in Sydney's north on Sunday morning, the fifth cyclist to die on NSW roads this year.29 Collins Road, St Ives, NSW 3 months ago Construction of a front boundary fence along front boundary with security gate and automated gate fir driveway.Extension of trading hours and changes relating to deliveries 12th April 2017, ku-ring-gai Council 95-97 Grandview Street, Pymble, NSW, dA - Change of use 15th March 2017.Reduce townhouses 8 9 from 2 storeys to single level.Alterations and additions to an approved but not yet constructed residential flat building.3 Milray Street, Lindfield, NSW 3 months ago.Demolition of existing building.5 Ward Street, Pymble, NSW 3 months ago, saucy singles dating new brick and timber front fence with automated vehicle gate.Skip navigation, recent applications from Ku-ring-gai Council, NSW « Newer, older » 376-384 Pacific Highway, Lindfield, NSW 3 months ago, demolition of existing supermarket, partial demolition of Heritage item and construction of shop top housing including a supermarket, a liquor store and 70 apartments plus.Ku-ring-gai Council 987-989 Pacific Highway, Pymble, NSW, modify condition 1 and delete condition 42 15th June 2016, ku-ring-gai Council 105 Grandview Street, Pymble, NSW.4 Highlands Avenue, Gordon, NSW 4 months ago Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling.« Newer Older ».The NSW road toll stands at 375 this year.12-20 St Johns Avenue, Gordon, NSW 3 months ago.5 Telegraph Road, Pymble, NSW 3 months ago Modification to DA0020/13 - Demolish existing dwellings and construct residential flat building consisting 2 apartment blocks containing 53 units and basement parking 25 Buckra Street, Turramurra, NSW 3 months ago Section 96(1) for DA0581/17 - Include missing.Investigations into the circumstances around the crash are continuing.50 Catalpa Crescent, Turramurra, NSW 3 months ago.24th February 2015 Ku-ring-gai Council 1134 Pacific Hwy, Pymble 2073 Pymble Hotel - Liquor licence transfer 30th January 2015 NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority 1116 Pacific Highway, Pymble, NSW change OF USE for existing garage to temporary cafe 1st August 2014 Ku-ring-gai Council 1134.

MOD to DA0052/15 - Reduced tenancy area bigger laundry at rear 20th June 2016.
Front door hours open as terations and extension of existing brothel to ground floor and extend operating hours from 9am to 12am 45 Roseville Avenue, Roseville, NSW 3 months ago, alteration Additions - Reconstruct rear deck and enclose below.