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And what an irony.The density is increasing at a daily rate!Of more than 100 private sex workers contacted this week, most said they were operating in the eastern suburbs.Hard to take a photo without cranes in shot in this city!"There has been a decline in inhouse service for many years now and that is because too hot hawaiian nights escorts many girls have been allowed to work privately.".My old neighbours used to work there!Rangers discovered packets of condoms in drawers; there were also double beds, showers and spas in every room.Looking into the city, you can see the extreme level of construction going on everywhere.From the top of William street, notice all of the cranes.You can see some new apartments popping up to the left.Prostitution is legal in WA but living off its earnings is illegal.We have taken that quantum leap which sees us riding the crest of fantasy and fun which a modern generation expects from its entertainment provider.Looking down one of the quaint laneways in Northbridge Chinatown.Victoria Park, Rivervale, Lathlain, Maylands, South Perth and Como had the most workers.The place was invisible as far as the police were concerned.It is currently Chinese New Year, and the bins have gathered under the gate for a party.Young Asian women were an overwhelming majority of the sex workers with some "facilitators" offering a range of Asian women from a single address.There are plenty of things to do in Northbridge.
First, the view from my front door.

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