Sometimes called the "Chicago Renaissance" which includes the later works of Dreiser and the work of authors such as Sherwood Anderson, Floyd Dell, Carl Sandburg, Harriet local swinger couples Monroe, and Margaret Anderson ; A period in the 1940s featuring what it calls "neighborhood novels." Authors in this.
All paintings produced in oil on canvas.By 1890, the city had over 1 million people." Building Stories.With this early volume, Sandburg established his reputation as the poet of the common American.21 Sandra Cisneros 's The House on Mango Street (1984) is a Mexican-American coming-of-age novel, dealing with a young Latina girl, Esperanza Cordero, growing up in a neighborhood modeled on Chicago's Humboldt Park.It was here she discovered a talent for capturing the character of people on a days shoot.Farrell." American Novelists, vol 9 (1981).To see Laury in action click this link, timothy Grayson is a poet, playwright and Cultural Ambassador for Leicester City.Mencken wrote in a London magazine, the.Veronica Roth 's Divergent trilogy (201113) is a young-adult series set in a dystopian future Chicago.My overall experience of Printers Row Lit Fest was a warm one.