In 1989, a young boy got caught between the dirt and the bottom of the merry-go-round, just after school was let out.
You are 40 pounds overweight and bordering on obese.
The next day, one of the teenagers was missing, and later found near the grave of his great uncle.Jerome - Connor Hotel - When a couple and their dog stayed at the hotel, they asked the woman at the front desk if there were ghosts they needed to know about.A year after that, a security fence was put up, enclosin g the hallways.I thought it sounded made up, like cromulent, but its real.The top floor is haunted as well.It is unknown whom or what is haunting the store.He inhaled some poppers in the gas mask.After he successfully pulled off the 12-hour orgy and it was time for them to pay up, he dropped dead from a heart attack.It is said that you can see the janitor roaming the hallways whenever you are alone in the hallways.His computer inside of his room was still playing porno.Glendale - Bryan escort pass airport apartments - in 2003 at the end of April the 15th the previous manager and wife moved in and left within a week because of paranormal experiences because of six months before they moved in, twin sisters lived in the apartment they.White Mountains - Diamond Rock Campground - Ghost Camp - In the late 1980's, this day- use area used to be a camp area.Shadows, unidentified spirits, and an apparition of a woman in white are seen.
There are rumors of an Indian burial plot that no one has found yet, or it could have been built over by a trailer park.
Rubin Son,., 1742 Blanding Street Rubino's Italian Restaurant, 11210 Broad River Road (Ballantine) Rudy's Upper Deck, 511 Meeting Street (West Columbia) Rugged Warehouse, 262 Harbison Boulevard Ruff's Hardware, 1649 Main Street Rum Runners, 724 Harden Street Rupert's Wing Inn, 948 Harden Street Russell Jeffcoat.

On the farm, the father ran over his own daughter with the tractor, killing her.
Mary's Hospital - There are a number of different experiences, including people seeing someone walking into an elevator and then disappearing, elevators opening into strange places, strange people riding on the elevators with staff, etc.