2005_11_01: Suspected Serial Killer Ordered to Stand Trial A judge today ordered Chester.
He was known in the ford escort bda engine for sale neighborhood as someone who was off his rocker when he got mad, says a close friend who has always known Turner but refused to be identified.In addition to 10 counts of murder, Turner is accused of the special circumstances of multiple murder and murder committed during a rape.He was already serving an eight-year sentence for a 2002 rape conviction when detectives matched his DNA to some of the killings.Despite a task force of Los Angeles get scared whore mp3 download police, county sheriff's deputies and suburban police officers set up in January 1986 to find the Southside Serial Killer, police had no description to work with and no eyewitnesses.His mother owned her own cleaning business, and he attended Harte Junior High, Gompers Middle School and Locke High School.The crimes of which Turner is accused took place mostly in a 30-block stretch of motels and apartments along the Figueroa Street corridor next to the Harbor Freeway, an area notorious for prostitution, drug crime and violence.As she stumbled away from the rape scene, she told the jury, I am not feeling.Police blamed big, brooding Chesters murders on a composite dubbed the South Side Slayer, possibly with a Caribbean accent, possibly a pockmarked face.Vance died of asphyxiation in 1998, when investigators did not realize they were looking for a serial killer.Conviction, it was discovered that Turner was responsible for two of the murders for which Jones had been convicted those of Williams and Edwards.Their biggest arrest was 31-year-old Louis Craine, an unemployed construction worker from Watts with an IQ of 69 who committed some of the murders ascribed to a then-imagined South Side Slayer.Org, from San Diego.There might even be in some peoples minds some kind of moral difference drawn.Police told the Times the killings primarily involved women who were by and large homeless and involved in drugs and prostitution.At long last, in September 2003, Turners DNA was matched with sperm found in Paula Vance and Mildred Beasley.The Los Angeles Times said Saturday that DNA tests had linked Chester Turner with the rapes and murders that occurred in South-Central Los Angeles and would place Turner among the most prolific.A.'s many serial murderers.Then, just over two months later, Brenda Bries was found dead in a portable bathroom a ligature tight around her neck.Prosecutors may seek the death penalty in the case.2004_10_25: Suspect in 22 Slayings of Women Was Frequently in Prison for So-Called 'Non-Violent' Crimes A serial felon currently in prison for rape will soon be arrested in 12 Los Angeles killings to which he is linked by DNA evidence, and is a suspect.Had it not been for genetic links to the rape and killing of a dozen women between 19, Los Angeles Police Det.
Pounders ruled that prosecutors presented enough evidence to order Turner to trial.
The defense is expected to attack the lapd's handling and storage of DNA evidence.