Do men have emotional affairs?
Does a kiss count?But first lets take a step back by inserting the scratch record sound real quick.This 2017 article (3) in the New York Times looks at the happiness possibilities with non-monogamous couples and the reasons why sex second date good bad an " extramarital affair becomes a serious possibility.Marriage seems to often suppress a deep rooted need for self realization that a spouse cannot fulfill.The easy answer is the old spreading of the seed metaphor.It certainly offers them more and better opportunities than visiting a pub to find someone special.The emotionally neglected wife is the easy cliché but nevertheless deserves our attention as the most common reason why women cheat.Connect immediately with people, in the wonderful virtual world of online dating.What about love and soulmate, life is not only a booty call or infidelity.All payments are handled swiftly and securely via Google, providing discretion.On the flip side, if a woman doesnt have a support system that can understand her emotional needs, then seeking an affair is both a measure of desperation and an influx of adrenaline.Another possible reason why married people still using Tinder for Married is because they may not feel too comfortable about making face to face contact with members of the opposite sex.You just want to find a girlfriend or boyfriend for serious relationships, even if you were only chatting and flirting?Lonely wives are a result of neglect.Sometimes the man could be secretly gay and is finally ready to connect to other gay males online.In fact, humans decided that adultery is so not okay that even the Bible dedicated two whole commandments to making unfaithful acts a sin.