dating for adults with learning disabilities

I'd like to think that if a sensible, and sensitive site like this existed, it would mean disabled people have a much better chance at love, but also much better chances of finding friendship, social groups and just networking!
When using Special Bridge, you can rest assured that all members are real people that you can communicate with today.
Visit the philadelphia whores Mates 'n' Dates website Mingle, mingle is a group for adults with learning disabilities who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or cross dress.
Buy the book from Beyond Words Top of the page If you can recommend any information about people with learning disabilities that would be useful to others, please let us know at Top of the page.Pupils often say that they are not believed when they report bullying Teachers deliver sex and relationships education that mentions both homosexual sex and also sex among people with disabilities Teachers discuss being lgbt in school, as well as being lgbt and with a disability.We do not allow or create fake profiles.Or contact me directly if you support the idea and have suggestions!For a while there was a social group she joined of younger how to tell a prostitute people, and that was great, but now she's 28 and I know, chances are she'll never find love.Resources: Dating to Sex, information and resources about friendships and relationships to support people to have a great life.She lives with my parents in a city of 100,000 (.Visit the webpage Life Support Productions - DVD resources A range of DVDs about sex and relationships for people with learning disabilities including 'You, Your Body Sex 'Jasons Private World 'Kylies Private World'.Buy the DVDs from the Life Support Productions website Information about sexuality, safe sex and contraception for people with learning disabilities All the resources in this range of materials from the Family Planning Association (FPA) - including the award-winning 'All About Us' CD or DVD.In the next stage the type and severity of disability would be described, however you could also enter prefer not to answer" or change the amount of information people can see publically to protect privacy.It also looks at responses from staff and services, meeting other lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and dreams for the future.Yellow ball - current favourite, but maybe you prefer "square peg" and would love to hear other suggestions.Find out all about our services and where we operate on the.Socialising, all of our services provide opportunities to get to know others through activities in the community.Exploring issues for men and women with learning difficulties who are gay, lesbian or bisexual.Visit the Mingle page on the Mates 'n' Dates website Stars in the Sky, stars in the Sky is a dating and friendship service for adults with learning difficulties.Physical attraction is also covered and the booklet looks at developing a relationship, ending a relationship, being on your own, personal safety and making choices.