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We Can Do The Dam d Thangs.
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I met a man like you Cause I ain't never met another man like you, But I know what to do wit a young'in like you, three letters (I DO lIL wayne, i Wouldn't Care If You Were Prostitute.I Know The Future Feat.Get It Shawty.Stay truthful to you, and never lie to you.And that you hit every man that you ever knew.Don't matter whateva, boy you see that I have changed yeah, Well if you don't then I'll explain.Whatevers On Yo Mind, speak On How You Feel Stay truthful to Me And Never Lie To Me And Dont Ever Keep No Secrets No Matter Wutever trina Boy You see that i've changed(yeah) Well if you don't then i'll explain See i'll get f*ked.Cause I'm ready to walk brothel workers make the aisle and have the preacher change my name yeah, Now what's happenin' Weezy?We can do the damn thang.Three Letters(i do i Wouldn't Care If You Were Prostitute.Don't matter whateva, girl you know what I mean yeah.
Well if you don't then I'll explain.
You see I had to tell my brother Maine I met a girl like you.