With its modest price and stellar performance, the Escort Passsport 8500ci Plus remains one of the most desirable built-in radar detectors.
Two more buttons handle the GPS functions.
Escort 8500CI delivered better protection than similarly priced Cobra.
By Radartest staff, last updated: 2018, note: This model has been discontinued.Escort Passport 8500ci Plus components (from left Control/display, interface box, radar antenna.GPS to protect against red light and speed cameras.Not everyone wants to advertise the presence of a radar detector.The Escort 8500CI radar antenna mounts in the grille area, linked to an interface box under the dash.This makes the Escort Passport 8500ci Plus a comparative bargain.Aside from being irresistible to thieves, a detector south park whale whores stream dangling from the windshield invites disapproval from gents wearing guns and badges.GPS and warns of red light and speed cameras.A thumb-size control/display can be placed anywhere it's convenient to see and operate.The Escort Passport 8500CI Plus has.Trouble is, these remotes are pricey.It can also be fitted with the Shifter Pack, dual front laser jammers to counter police lasers.Several manufacturers' windshield solar tint contains a metal film that's invisible to the eye but which renders a detector nearly useless.In recent years there's another incentive to consider an alternative: some cars won't allow a radar detector to operate correctly.All of the BEL and Escort remote models, the Escort Passport 8500ci Plus included, have an additional attraction for those with leased vehiclesthe display can be surface-mounted without drilling holes in the dash, damage certain to be noticed when the car comes off lease.
Budget-priced built-in model, by Radartest staff, last updated: 2018.
The Escort Passport Max CI 360 costs 3,499, for example, plus installation.

The Escort Passport 8500ci Plus has a small control/display module for power, volume, audio muting and display brightness.
The traditional solution has been the custom-installed remote radar detector whose discreet components are built-in to the vehicle.
(External GPS module not shown.).