escort 9500ix vs redline

Conclusions, on a daily commute over familiar roads, GPS would shift the odds in favor of the Escort Max 360, likely keeping it quieter than the Escort RedlineXR.
In contrast, the two Escort RedlineXR antennae point forward, a move claimed to increase range.
We also found the Max 360 to be uncommonly vexed by automotive.
And it has no arrows to point toward the radar, no GPS either.Even without GPS, though, we judged the Escort RedlineXR the better traveling companion with noticeably better performance, quicker response and fewer false alarms).We found that most of the false alarms were caused by radar-controlled door openers.Auto mode to reduce false alarms.Urban Loop False Alarms, to measure their resistance to false alarms we created a 91-mile-long urban loop.Which is better for highway driving?Escort Live, the crowd-sourced early warning system.Then a new alert would sound, this time when the rear antenna saw what sf ts escorts it thought was a new threat.Regardless, we were curious to see which design is more effective.The value of the arrows can be debatedthe universal reaction to a radar alert is to slow down, no matter what direction the beam is coming from.On the first lap we logged the false alarms using a built-in model, the.Seven were from the radar on highway department message trailers; the other 65 were false alarms, many of them triggered by BSW systems on nearby vehicles.Over our 91-mile city route the Escort Redline.Performance, tested at our, hill/Curve site, the Escort Max 360 lagged 10 percent behind the RedlineXR on X band while delivering 12 percent better K-band range.XR was the quietiest with six false alarms compared to the Max 360's.Learn more about the advantage of quick response.To find out, we gathered the two contenders and measured their radar range, speed of response and resistance to false alarms.See details for delivery est.Escort's team of engineers has created one of the most sensitive radar/laser detectors on the market.Without the hypersensitivity on K, the Escort RedlineXR gave nine K-band alerts on the return trip to Texas, each caused by the radar safety systems aboard other cars.Here's what we found.