If not, you can either buy them separately or just use the crimping trick I showed earlier onto the end of the blue connector.
Easy install as well.If this is the case for you, you may need to turn your detector on/off manually every time.When you close the T-tap, it bites down on the red add-a-circuit cable, cutting through the red insulation, and making contact with the wire inside.Now different cars and manufacturers use different size fuses so youll need to get the one thats the right size for your car.I did install this myself but if you have any doubts about working under your dash lots of places whore paint will install it for you for next to nothing since it is such as breeze.It helps to have a set of pliers to squeeze down on the T-tap so that it cuts through the insulation and clicks closed.However, it looks kinda ugly to have a long cable dangling down your windshield and dash and it can get in the way of using your stereo. .Author: Richard G, this is one of the best things you can buy for your radar detector!There also specialized ones like short cables that plug into your auto-dimming rearview mirror or your OBD-II port to provide you with alternate locations to power your detector from.I wanted to use my Passport 9500ix on my motorcycle and was told by a friend that direct wiring the unit into the fuse box was the best way to go about installing it onto my ride.Theres two main ways to do this.

Itll look something like this: Note: Some cars dont have any fuses that turn on and off with the car and every single fuse always has power no matter what.
For now to keep things simple, were going to talk about just your standard simple power cable that runs down to your fuse box.