escort max ci 360 user manual

It only affects which frequencies the detectors alerts.
Disable if you only want to hear the beeps.
Speed Traps Alert you to known speed traps ahead where police like to commonly hang out.
Now theres two ways to program your Max 360c.X band is actively in use only in OH, NJ, and in a few rural places around the country.Max 360c Recommended Best Settings Finally, since always wants to know what the best settings are for the Max 360c, heres a list of recommended settings to start with.Ka-Band alert at front, x-Band alert at rear.Spec FR2: Same as Standard FR2, except you also see the frequency of the primary signal.Wi-Fi Settings Configure the Wi-Fi hotspot and password that your Max 360c will translate whore use to connect.For more information about the Max 360cs settings, direct from Escort, you can read over the.Lets go over all the different settings, explain what everything means, and help you pick the best settings so you can best program your Escort Max 360c radar detector.Standard: Display both the band and the signal strength of the primary signal.This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules.It allows you to selectively choose which ranges of frequencies on K band that the Max 360c will alert.Auto Update Choose if you want the Max 360c to automatically update the Defender (RLC/speedcam) database or Firmware/Software when connected via Wi-Fi.Blue, green, red, and amber are available.Escort Max 360 features a multi-color oled display.You can manually set the brightness levels with Minimum, Medium, and Maximum.

Lockouts: Clear out all of your GPS lockouts.
Speed on Display Display your speed on the detectors screen.
Wi-Fi Enable or disable Wi-Fi functionality.