escort mp a shotgun

They can help you with parts repairs.
However, I cannot confirm this.
Roomster 17:30"originally posted by Guntrader:.I am not sure which choke tubes your gun requires.A wonderful find for 199.Edit log :03 Tamer": belmont escorts ford escort xr3i tuning parts Originally posted by Zauberer.quot;: Originally posted.You may need to contact a reputable gunsmith or the manufacture to confirm the appropriate tube.Edit log :47 Tamer.shans LLC/ohota LLC.,.We dont do extension chokes any more.However we are not able to send parts for guns direct to you in Russia or in Turkey.It is possible that it may take a mobil choke tube.Tamer 22:02 2 Zauberer.The test right "out of the box".

A quick overview of the Escort MP Pump Action Shotgun by Hatsan and Legacy.
Shans LLC/ohota LLC.,.