Tom Vandenberg, Tri-Cities Patriot Guard rider from Touchet.
The riders then secured the cremated remains on the backs of their motorcycles to take them to Medical Lake.
Hill died in combat, real life prostitute stories but nobody ever claimed his cremated remains.
From Thunder Alley Motorsports.John Hundahl, the projects local coordinator, said law enforcement agencies, the American Legion and other community members volunteered to pay respects and help take the remains to the veterans cemetery.Darl Dee Chamberlain, spouse of a veteran.Byron Eugene Hagan, Army, Specialist 4, Vietnam War.When the Vietnam people came back, we were spit on, we were cursed, we were disrespected.The final commitment ceremony at the Medical Lake veterans cemetery is scheduled for.m.Nelson Quast, Army Air Corps, Technical Sergeant, World War.Its an honor escort 9500ix usb power to help out, Sweeney said.The Patriot Guard is comprised of many supporters of veterans and law enforcement, he said.With the exception of Vandenberg, most of the escort assignments were unspecific, he said.Its a great opportunity for (police) to show support, Aparacio said.Kennewick, Richland, Columbia Basin veterans honored.Colfax, Pullman veterans honored, donald Davis, Navy, Seaman, Korean War.Art Moore, a Navy veteran, transported the remains to the ceremony from Kennewick in a restored 1967 Navy ambulance.Its important that we arrive intact.Vandenberg, who lives in Touchet, also held a brown, square metal box tucked in his arm.
The ceremonies and procession were part of the continuing Missing in America project, whose members look for unclaimed remains of war veterans at funeral homes so they can be laid to rest in veterans cemeteries.
Sweeneys father served in the Vietnam War.

Anyone can become a member.