However, in cities where the government has more money, they will have laser technology, POP Radar, and Instant On-which is where you would get a ticket if you weren't careful.
Top Moving Radar - Limited Range/Warning In their efforts to increase where do prostitutes hang out in glasgow revenue and "trap" motorists with radar detectors, the police use "instant on" more frequently than in the past.
As a result, we do not monitor the frequencies used in other countries, and can not guarantee our detectors will pick up everything being used.
Please be sure that you are getting consistent voltage (does the lighter socket stay ON all the time?Because these sensors are not in all markets, TSR is disabled by default on our detectors.I was running it on Auto Mode, not really sure if Highway Mode would have much better range.No cord and the mount is missing one suction cup.Signal Strength Monitor, Turn Off Select Bands, Mute Mode.By Nov 01, 2012 An amazing Detector that can see matchbox ford escort mk2 cops way beware of a holy whore review before your eyes, or the cop's Amazing product.You may hear your detector giving brief, weak bursts as an alert that might seem to be a false signal.We no longer include the visor mount with the detectors because most cars have tinting that will reduce the laser detection range.I probably wouldn't even feel the difference especially cars this days are built for speed, for most sporty coupe out there.We recommend you position the detector so it has a clear view of the road, do not hide behind the tinting at the top of the window, or any other obstruction.For me, I can easily fix the power cable.Top Laser No Warning, Other Car Tagged Unlike traffic radar, Laser can only be used in the "instant on" mode.Traffic flow sensors transmit strong K band signals for one half of one second approximately every minute.If replacing the power cord does not provide power to your Passport, the detector may need to be returned to the factory for service.

Does it do the same thing in other cars/trucks?
First rule of thumb: For radar, the higher the better.
I like the options it has.