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If I couldn't flip for the V1 or 9500ix, I'd go for X50 myself.
Why would a consumer buy a dual head anti-laser for about 879 when they can get a dual head laser star for 600 in the usa? .Scott replied on the 16th before the photo speed ticket was uploaded.My FX4 has the blue LED model mounted on a Blendmount and connected via a Invisicord wiring harness.The Laser Interceptor in the test video above is version.13 and it completely fails to jam the gun. .It also has problems with the Stalker Lidar. .We tested a two and three head configuration on his Corvette. .I disable bands not in use for my area to help keep from excessive false hits on using the.Beltronics Pro RX65 Re: barlowc # /31/11 09:38 PM 05/31/11 09:38 PM Joined: Dec 2009 Posts: 3,171 Ohio beast3300 beast3300 Joined: Dec 2009 Posts: 3,171 Ohio Same unit.Re: Escort Passport 8500 X50.Have a friend that has one and he is happy with.I did talk with Cliff, he indicated that they do not guarantee against tickets and that they continually have firmware updates being released.DragonEye DragonCam, cocal casino prostitutes slaps Laser Interceptor equipped vehicle with a photo laser ICE!ProAm Auto Accessories opened in 1984 as an extension of the owner's passion for performance cars and club racing.Beltronics Pro RX65 Re: barlowc # /01/11 09:03 PM 06/01/11 09:03 PM Joined: Nov 2010 Posts: 2,814 California Errtt Errtt Joined: Nov 2010 Posts: 2,814 California I hear good praise for the X50.Laser Interceptor does issue updates and it's one of the best jammers in the industry, however if a normal joe can never get the true algo frequencies updates are useless! .Are you a purchasing agent for your police department? .If we can't determine how many different pulse rates their are or even buy the guns with those frequencies, we as drivers will fail against Dragon Cam and must abide by the speed limit(the insanity!) I really hate to say this because I've been driving.Laser Elite LE-X2 Review - 100 Jam!The learn feature is a nice feature.The ultimate question becomes, 'Which DragonEye software versions are being tested?" Those who have the guns don't want to disclose the version numbers because of fear the software will be updated. .
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Commandrkeen, i was skeptical this claim was even true and decided to wait until further evidence was posted. .