17 These clones however, presented no real threat to Starkiller, and he easily dispatched them.
Later, the forces of General Ulric Tagge's blockade engaged a Rebel fleet in battle in the Feriae system.Meanwhile, the Resolute had sent several laat/i with clone reinforcements to help the loyalists regain control of the city."Our guys need to be able to move the Green Beret said.Area Sniper high end escort documentary Rifle Baton Rouge Killing Tied To Washington Area Sniper Rifle October 29, 2002 Ari Flesicher Conducts White House Press Conference Haitian Refugees Jump Ship and Walk to Florida Shore October 28, 2002 American Diplomat Assasinated in Jordan.S.Windu told the Jedi that Bane wanted the Kyber memory crystal which could only be read by holocrons and contained information about every known Force-sensitive child in the galaxy, the future of the Jedi Order.Skywalker, along with Master Windu, took a brief respite aboard the Jedi Cruiser Endurance.Even though he's maintaining weapons, he's building up his supplies for a fight, I think that that can be worked out, I really do, with some senior Shiite clerics.216 His fears confirmed, Vader destroyed the training droid, causing the image of Juno Eclipse to disappear.He was getting closer to discovering the pilot's identity.Satellite imagery didn't show bunkers or camouflaged armor and artillery.And British Ships; French Jets Enforcing Libyan No-Fly Zone; President Obama in Brazil Monitoring Situation in Libya; nato Attack Begins on Libya; Announcement that Gadhafi Will Address Libya; Radiation Found in Japanese Food Supply; Japan's Disaster to Cause Psychological Changes in Japan.S.
"Wall of lead" is not a cliche' but expresses something very close to literal truth if enough automatic weapons are in place and there is plenty of ammunition to fire.
When they reached the exit of the fuel line they were ambushed by battle droids and Crab droids.

179 Meeting on Alderaan Sometime afterward, the Emperor sent Vader to Alderaan to retrieve dissident senator Fang Zar, who had sought refuge with Bail Organa in the wake of the Empire's formation.
The Sith Lord spent the next several months recovering on Coruscant.