Brown-bagger Marines (usually married) who live off base; instead of eating at mess halls they pack meals to work.
Eight Ball A Marine who lacks an aggressive spirit.
My blog, wish list social media provide updates and a glimpse into my personality. .Civvies Civilian clothing or mufti.See also fire watch and OOD EAS End of Active Service, the date of discharge from active duty.Armed Services and Reserves.If this makes you nervous, think of the many questions to ask escort times you gave out your business card to strangers at a cocktail party.Hatch Door; more specifically, the watertight cover over an opening between compartments or that leads to the ladder wells between decks of a ship.Short-timer's Disease Apathy to duties and regulations from a person nearing EAS.Mustang/Mustanger Marine Officer who has previously served in the enlisted ranks.Geedunk Candy and other sweets, or a location where such items are obtained (such as a store or vending machine borrowed from the comic strip Harold Teen.Feel safe with me, an inconspicuous, well-dressed comely companion, regardless of venue.Fast-mover Fast-moving fixed-wing aircraft ; term popular during the Vietnam War but fallen into disuse as jets replaced propeller -powered aircraft.Some Marines who reside there think they are back on the block.Chaser Pejorative for a Marine assigned prisoner escort duties, an escort for a single prisoner or detail of prisoners.Square ( d ) Away Make neat and regulation appearance, to be in a neat and regulation appearance.