Married (03?).1920, Toxteth Park district, Lancashire) Edith Eveline Pate (1898- two sons.
(reld 1940/41?) served World War I: (1918) HMS President -?
Published : (part author) Iron and Steel Productivity Report; numerous articles in scientific journals.(06.1944) took a landing craft across the Channel shortly after D-Day, carrying over armaments and returning with German PoWs (10.1944) no appointment listed, gage, Edward.Also served at HMS Thyme (corvette HMS Golden Fleece (Algerine class minesweeper) HMS Fara (minesweeping trawler) (02.1944) no appointment listed - (06.)1944 HMS Copra (Combined Operations accounting base) (for landing craft duty?Seaman Boy.1932 Ordinary Seaman Able-Bodied Seaman 1935 Telegraphist Air Gunner 1939?(reld.1946) MID attack on 4 trawlers.08.42 MID New Year 45 - (02.)1941 HMS Hornet (Coastal Forces base, Gosport) (for MTBs) - (12.1941) First Lieutenant, HM MTB 100 (motor torpedo boat) HMS Beehive (Coastal Forces base, Felixstowe) - (08.)1942 Commanding Officer, HM MTB.(08.1941) no appointment listed - (04.)1942 First Lieutenant, HM MGB 60 (motor gun boat) HMS Beehive (Coastal Forces base, Felixstowe) - (06.)1943 Commanding Officer, HM MGB 64 (motor gun boat) (6th MGB Flotilla) HMS Beehive (Coastal Forces base, Felixstowe).1943 -.1944 funeral escort florida Commanding Officer,.Married Holy Trinity, Brompton, Kensington district, London) Joan Mollie Whittall, only daughter of Mr Mrs.H.12.1941 acting rank T/A/Lt.Phillips, of Twycross, Charterhouse, Godalming, Surrey.HMS Pembroke IV (accounting base, Chatham).1942 -.1945 HMS Nile (RN base, Alexandria, Egypt) (additional; for various services.1942 -.1943 hhms Adrias (Greek escort destroyer) 07?.1943 -.1943 HMS Scarab (river gunboat).1943 -.1944 staff doctor at Alexandria.1944 -.1945 Staff.Hastings district, Sussex -.1995 Sutton district, Surrey Prob.(02.1941) - (04.1941) HMS Tormentor (Combined Operations base, Hamble, Southampton) * (06.1941) HMS Prinses Astrid (landing ship, infantry) * - HMS Quebec (Combined Training Centre, Inverary)?Edmonton district, Hertfordshire -.1995 Hatfield district, Hertfordshire T/.