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Holt pulls up in front of Sparrow's Vauxhall, Inspector Heath's Austin skids to a halt behind.
Later Robert Gresham (Eric Barker) goes to see.Chief Superintendent Bill Parsons (Allan Cuthbertson) has been sent to offer Vane protection from supposed death threats.(Identified by Stephen Carter, July 2007) Dale Road (partly redeveloped) Photo by Wyn Roberts strange report : Report 0649 skeleton : 'Let Sleeping Heroes Lie' (Peter Medak: August/September 1968) Strange (Anthony Quayle) spots that he is being followed and drops Evelyn ( Anneke Wills) off.As he leaves he is observed by James (Hugh Burden) who sends a car to follow him.Later he is attacked by two heavies who assault him and smash up the flat.(Spotted by Wyn Roberts, warsaw prostitution street June 2001) Chalcot Road department S: Last Train to Redbridge (John Gilling: 1968) Annabelle Hurst is kidnapped by her new employer (Chalcot Road looking towards Berkley Road).The Long Goodbye (Roger Moore 1971) Brett has hitched a ride on a rocket car driven by the Space Queen (Valerie Leon) and the rocket stops at a set of traffic lights (Abercorn Place at the junction of Hamilton Terrace).Ricco disappears into the night in his Zypher before Simon can catch him.Someone Waiting (Peter Medak: 1971) Danny (Tony Curtis) stops at a red light (opposite St Marks Church, at the junction with Hamilton Terrace) in his red Ferrari.Danny later passes by the church again when he is attempting to track down the location to which he was taken.Commander Gideon and David Keen follow behind but turn right at the junction.(Spotted by Sam Denham, September 2000) Grafton Road Photos: Stephen Carter gideons WAY : Gang War (Quentin Lawrence: January/February 1965) Cowboy (James Chase) Rides round to Blakes Club after seeing Lollo with Waldo.(Identified by Alan Field, June 2008) randall AND hopkirk deceased : Just for the Record (Jeremy Summers:?) After Jeff gets trapped in a blazing warehouse, Marty summons the fire brigade from this fire station.(Identified by Jaz Wiseman, April 2005) Mornington Crescent randall AND hopkirk deceased : When the Spirit Moves You (Ray Austin:?) Bream and Jeff drive through London to Jeff's bank.(Identified by Wyn Roberts, fully escorted day trips from london to paris June 2007) Cumberland Terrace.(Identified by Wyn Roberts: June 2000) randall AND hopkirk deceased : Vendetta for a Dead Man (Cyril Frankel: February 1969) Marty and Jeff set off to investigate Cavello-Smith's background (corner of Hamilton Terrace and Abercorn Place).Netta Penn (Ann Bell) at 15 Retcar Street, Highgate, London N19.While Superintendent Saunders (?) is there with his uniformed officers to control the militant mob who are there to protest.
After the two thugs threaten Sir Dennis McGill (Richard Bradford) chases them away.
(Spotted by Wyn Roberts, June 2007) North Villas gideons WAY : The State Visit (John Moxey: August 1964) The Fischers home (5 North Villas which Detective Chief Inspector David Keen (Alexander Davion) visits looking for Max Fischer.