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But anyways, although is expensive but I have a great time.
(Please don't give me responses linked to moral values etc., because I'll definitely be going escort перевод с польского with my colleagues).
There are good reasons we will ask you to do things that may not be apparent at the time.Any patron that does so is putting themselves and any other of their sexual partners at risk.Of course, we also have a long history of entertaining ladies at our Club.All rooms have their own mini bar.Our deluxe suites have spirits, beer, wine champagne and soft drinks.Update: I think the main part of my question would be related to the safety precautions I have to take (for my own safety).Can I just rent a room?You will be taken to the private lounge area by one of our reception staff and she will talk you through what you are wanting and organise it for you.Follow Guidance, it is important that you follow the guidance of staff.Do I have to pay to come inside?The problem is for 40 security escort policy minutes i can't even get my penis erect!Cash, debit, Visa and Master cards and internet transfer are all acceptable.With internet transfers we require a print off of verified transfer.Yes we expect an appropriate level of dress.Can you guys give me some good tips on how to prepare myself before going there?We never close and open 24/7.Does a high quality condom make you completely invulnerable to these kind of things?So please respect this as refusal often offends.

We DO NOT promote unsafe sexual practices and advise our clients not to seek or ask for any unsafe sexual practices.
Yes you can and we have had numerous couples do just that on a regular basis.