The codes stamped on the plate during production enable precise details of the vehicle build specification to be established.
AV Van, digits 6 busty indian escort london and 7: Constant.
It proved slow to warm-up, vibratory and sluggish in the extreme.(Box 9) Transmission Q MTX 75 T Manual (4 speed) W Manual (5 speed) X CTX 8 MT EAO/MT 75 (Box what are the best sex dating apps 11) Interior Trim D Brown D Pumice H Medium escort sensor trailer brake controller Opal J Grey J Bluestone K Blue M Mace S Raven T Truffle (Box 13).SFA - Ford Motor Company Limited, United Kingdom.R - Ka, w - Galaxy Digit 12: Year of Manufacture N 1992 P 1993 R 1994 S 1995 T 1996 V 1997 W - 1998 X - 1999 Y - 2000 Digit 13: Month of Manufacture Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug.W - Ford of Spain - Own assembly.Digits 6 and 7 have a constant.Is the Editor of the Parkers website and price guide, formerly editor of Classic Car Weekly, and launch editor/creator of Modern Classics magazine.(Box 6) Permitted Rear Axle Loading Maximum permissible load on the rear axle of the vehicle.(Box 17) Smoke Value (Diesel only) This box contains a figure in the form.xx which designates the light absorption coefficient.The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) may be checked through the front windscreen or on the Bpillar.C - Ford of Britain - Affiliated Company assembly.Petrol powered buyers were wooed back with the arrival of the dohc Zetec powered cars, but as for those who needed derv, the Endura would have to do although detail engineering changes did smooth its most vocal tendencies.Picture the scene: its 1986 and youre a Ford product planner.E - Ford of Germany - Affiliated Company assembly.