glossary prostitution terms

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Some also came from law enforcement and other agencies which have contact with prostituted people.There is no time off for west vancouver escorts menstruation.The buy/sell price is usually low: 2500 to 3500.Inevitably, a parallel system develops outside the law, because many pimps do not want to pay taxes, and do want the freedom to use underage children and high levels of violence.May go on for days or weeks at a time, with serious health consequences.Some terms are not from the common language because they refer to experiences luckier people are unlikely ever to have.Caughase: either the pimp or a prostituted person has been arrested and charged with a crime.Within a country, it can be a series of cities among which prostituted people are moved, such a as the west coast circuit of San Diego, Las Vegas, Vancouver, BC and cities in between.Madame: older woman who manages brothel.Usually involuntary, but some more experienced women may be able to negotiate a change of pimps if they have the fee.Follow your money: phrase pimps use to warn prostituted people to take care of the money they are given.Hard core: two meanings when used in pornography.My pick for the most offensive code-word?May be heated on a stove to burn as well as cut tissue.Is addictive to many people.When governments tax legal sex businesses in which prostitution is none the less allowed, the taxes are paid in large part from the income from prostitution.Instead of being allowed to use tampons, the women are required to cut up pieces of kitchen sponges and insert them in their vaginas to absorb menstrual blood without the john's noticing, as they would with a tampon.Still, the threat of violence is always there.Often uses changing slang and code words to confound law enforcement along the "circuit".

It is simply an interest or pastime that they enjoy.