having sex after 3 months dating

Tracking every Facebook like is not going to make you or anyone else happy.
He's been hurt in the past and I believe he was scared of getting hurt again.
After all, you dont want to reveal your best hand straight away, but equally you dont want them to get tired of waiting.I dont think its cool that you wont make plans with me when shes here.Im married now but my manhattan outcall escorts wife and I had sex the first time after only a few dates.Bottom line: you do you.Id be cool with waiting a month max.Its somewhat worrisome that he wont even make plans with you when his ex is in town, but you say you trust him and know he wouldnt cheat.Photo: Getty Images, disclaimer: When it comes to sex, there's no magic rule.And if so, sex would be the next step.This thing is driving me crazy, but if I ignore it, wont it just go away?Ive been waiting over a year and a half in my current relationship.I get a whole lot of questions from readers who basically want to know: Do I really have to talk about this?Some messages were flirty or stated we had been rocky.Its a sign of strength.It says that youre confident enough to confront your fears and your boyfriend, in this case.

Your boyfriend could have valid reasons for taking it slow.
I feel confident about our relationship, I know he truly loves and wants to be with me but I feel like nine months is a little long to wait, like he doesn't want me sexually.
Depending on the answer, I might wait longer.