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Hong Kong nightlife brand that was able to spread a great nightlife experience all over Asia?
Here in Hong Kong, you can find various tourist attractions especially the very known Hong Kong Disneyland but aside from this amusement park, what more can this beautiful island in China can offer you?
The most famous place is one called 37 Dundas Street, Ive been there once and the price I was"d was roughly 500.So you wont ever see an lbfm shaking her ass next to a Thai so dont even contemplate the thought!Prostitution in Hong Kong, asia, hong Kong,.Sign up for Hong Kong Cupid to meet some local cuties.The lights glow in various shades of pink.At night you can find several African FLs, the quality is certainly hit or miss tho.You will probably be the only foreigner in a lot of them, but dont worry double date sex Hong Kong Chinese are nothing like their PRC cousins.Prostitution is legal in Hong Kong, but everything related to it is not.Almost all of the lbfms and Indonesian ladies in Hong Kong are legally employed as domestic helpers and Sunday is typically their (only) day off.If you will visit Wan Chai, you would find a number of clubs and bars in the place and when it comes to prostitution, this Hong Kong Red Light District also has a lot of it thus making Wan Chai a good destination for tourists.Many visitors arrive in the city believing Hong Kong's red light districts and prostitutes are legal.Full-time Freelancers, these ladies come in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities depending on where in HK youre looking.Well what better way to spend your day than going to Wan Chai to find yourself a Western boyfriend customer?Prices for each escort is listed on the website at the time of booking and they are one of the safest and most respected escort providers in Asia: m, hong Kong Red Light District, the island doesnt actually have a red light district but still.The other good thing is that there is no bar fine.Two discos, Hong Kong Cafe and Escape (both located on Jaffe Road) have what you are looking for.So in a nutshell, you have over 100 whores in one building and its completely legal!Known as girlie bars, nowadays.I wont lie to you fellas, it might feel kind of awkward (for some) the first time you do this.There are several discos located in the Wan Chai area.
There are two areas of Hong Kong where all of the action is; Wan Chai and Kowloon.

Just look for a sign that looks like this (or similar) and walk right.
These chicks do get a commission from the bar for lady drinks, but their involvement with the bar ends there.
Places like Hair of the Dog and Fatts Place are ones that I frequent.