Pontiac Trans-AM, from 9,890, from Our 1980 Imports, page.
Dodge Magnum XE 5,509 1978, dodge Monaco 3,743 1970, ford Galaxie 500 3,883 1973.All of the cars were four-seaters, and some came with hardtops bodies, some were fastbacks, and a great number were convertibles.The Thunderbird was the star of the line up in it's new down sized form.Chevy S10 Pickup 6,993 Illinois 1984.Chevrolet Camero Z28 6,326 1978, chevrolet Caprice 4,819 1975, chevrolet Chevette 3,644 1978.The Bentley delightful to drive and handle, its was considered during its rein as a very expensive delight.The Mulsanne was the last of the really fast Bentley.In 1951, an Austin A30 would have set you back 507, with the A35, which arrived in 1956, starting at 541.Buick Station Wagon 4,371 1974, buick Electra 225.033 1977, buick Skyhawk.778 1979.They took one look at the sleek, futuristic, swing-open door device and said, simply: "Countach!" -the nearest translation is something to the effect of "Wow!" The Countach had a V12 engine, and a five-speed gearbox on marina visconti escort the forward end of the block, bring the gearbox.The engine returned to a Miura's 4-liter, and the planned monocoque chassis gave way to a mulitubular space frame, that welded on alloy panels.Comet Montego Cyclone GT ( Lincoln Mercury ) 3,690 1970.Some had meek 6-cylinder engine and others came with a rumbling V-8 engine.Never intended for production, in 1978 a car with most of the Turbo's style and character was unveiled as a production reality.Dodge Colt 4,785 New York 1979.Ford Granada 3,698 1975, ford LTD 5,866 1977, ford Maverick 1,995 California 1970.Ford Thunderbird 6,816 1980, gMC 1500 Pickup 5,400 Maryland 1982.The Bristol Beaufighter was the most glamorous of the Bristol range cars.Plymouth Colt 4,999 New Jersey 1986.This model sat four people in great comfort, and could transport them with smoothness and speed.The K -cars were so popular with the public, that Chrysler began producing a limousine based on the platform in 1985.
It's still considered one of the great classic cars of it's time.
The steering is by power-assisted rack-and -pinion.