how to get prostitution license in india

France used mobile brothels during the First World amsterdam prostitution red light War, the Second World War and the First Indochina War to supply sex services to French soldiers who were facing combat in areas where brothels were unusual, such as at the front line or in isolated garrisons.
Sexuality Now: Embracing Diversity.
There is also one in Barcelona, and recently one named Bordoll opened in Germany.
For the first few months, she made desperate attempts to get work, but she failed.Prostitutes were sometimes prohibited from having a special lover.Decriminalisation integral to the fight against HIV, Michael Kirby Michael Wong, Australian Broadcasting Corporation,.N.Prostitution in Vancouver: Violence and the colonization of First Nations women.Italy made brothels illegal in 1959, but many have recently become legal again in some cities.Retrieved b c d e f g h "Mongolia mining success brings booming sex trade".Until game world warcraft recently, in several armies around the world, mobile brothels were attached to the army as auxiliary units, especially mustang ranch brothel government seizure attached to combat units on long-term deployments abroad.What other retort do we have?"Uruguay and marijuana: a guide to the world's most libertarian countries".Retrieved 29 September 2016.During the Second World War, women drawn from throughout the Far East were forced into sexual slavery by the occupation armies of Imperial Japan.Pornography and prostitution in Canada, (Vol.Part of the discussion impacts on whether the operation of brothels should be legal, and if so, to what sort of regulations they should be subjected.These "five and ten dollar parlor houses" attracted wealthy men, who used the facilities much as a gentlemen's social club, where they made business and political connections, met with associates, and had exquisite dinners with wine, champagne, and women.
Some madams, often former prostitutes themselves, rose to become independently wealthy.

According to statistics, there are over 3 million sex workers in India.
The authors observed that, Once a prostitute has consented to any exchange of sex for money, these women see many men as assuming that she has given up the right to refuse consent in any situation.