We fight for liquor and whores!
I said "No, cause of 5 little words G Cadd9.
The devils byways be prostitution legalization criminalization bad, if you cross our sails, we'll run up our flag, You'd better take hold of your brats.YouTube, trailer Park Boys The Big Dirty - Liquor And Whores.Your women will cry, your women will wail.Bubbles - Liquor Whores (Clean Edit).As far as I know this is the first documented chord or tab on the net of this song.They'll never again be the same.We are becoming the Benthos, and through all the stochastic events in this wretched life, there is a constant, grasping undertow that delivers unto a singularity.I said no cause five little words I coulda.Liquor and whores, i went down, drinkin' at the Legion, i met a girl she was nice.Hell's the place for cutthroats and thieves.I think we'd be getting a deal.Nerd Hypnotize U, woah, bass Boosted 2018 Car Music, calvin Harris Acceptable In The.She walked in, I was drunk on gin G Cadd9 G dancing with the lady friends.Liquor and whores, liquor and whores, cigarettes and dope and mustard and bologna.
Cigarettes and dope and mustard and bolonie liquor and whores pm G, i was down Am, drinkin' at the legion C, i met a girl.