india temple prostitution

As prostitution is the most lucrative, a lot of Madiga women get into sex work.
The system is similar to the devadasi tradition in India.A few are paid to stay close to the temple ts escort cheltenham to sleep with priests or other men their parents have struck an agreement with.And they offer family members of devadasis the right to enter sacred temples normally closed off to the lower castes.They dont have fathers.Some return to their homes to be auctioned off as mistresses for as long as men will have them.They held a very special place in the Indian culture: were incredible dancers, poets, artisans.As soon as a woman is infected then her whole family becomes infected.Parents usually choose to dedicate their daughters as infants to the goddess Yellamma in hopes of gaining the goddess favor or easing a financial burden.Its very difficult for girls to leave the profession.After they dress her in a white sari and blouse, she listens to the high caste priest chant and pray in Sanskrit, the ancient language of Hindu scriptures, which none in the crowd understands.A low partition separates the "clinic" from an area where 15 young women sit cutting cloth, sewing, and weaving plastic-wired baskets.No longer virgins, devadasis had few marriage prospects, so they turned to prostitution to earn a living."When a devadasi is dedicated to a goddess, once in a while the woman's body is possessed says Sathyam, whose sister was possessed.A number of human needs organizations are working to prevent the continuation of the underground devadasi system, but the practice is still widespread throughout India; estimates range from tens to hundreds of thousands of devadasis in the country.As his prayers conclude, the priest sprinkles a yellowish mixture of turmeric paste and water over her head and she feels the refreshingly cool liquid trickle clown her head and back.THE next generation A few feet away from the tailoring center, Gangamma is one of 50 scrubbed-faced children sitting on the floor repeating after her teacher, a for apple, 'b' for ball." They wear clean clothes and their oiled hair is neatly combed into place.The money often includes large loans to parents as an incentive to dedicate their daughters.
According to Western culture, in early 1980s, some religious cults practiced sacred prostitution as an instrument to recruit new coverts.
There are other reasons why, in northern Karnataka alone, an estimated 3,000 devadasi dedications take place each May.