Salma doesn't want to attack the party, succubi don't have good combat skills.
He accepted the task of looking into the matter.
Your conversation will go two ways: If you tail her, the tracks lead to her i love crack whores brothel, she will tell you to manage on your own.The succubus ended up killing a bunch of city guards with its "Draining Kiss" ability then dropped the bodies in an alley a few blocks away from the brothel.This is a side-quest from a highly popular video-game, there is a high chance that at least one of your players have played.Get information from the medic.It happens during the side quest.The women will be impressed by Geralt's sword skills and will invite him to visit her in her hut in the nearby Harviken village.Use your Witcher Senses to follow the trail.Method # 3 - Thief's Tools Any Thief's Tools can open the front door or the windows with a DC 12 check, but the same problem with Method #2 applies here, they are going to have to do this without anyone noticing.The players will find a contract that gives a summary of what they will have to do: Contract Issued by the Guard of the City Fellow Citizens of Baldur's Gate, In recent days several officers of the Guard have been ravaged to death.If someone notices, they are going to get wary of the party and could start a commotion, as described earlier.More specifically, while traveling through the.This is the moment that the players can use their Stealth to follow her (use the Commoner's stats for her).Talk to the man who is acting strangely.She police escort nj turnpike knows that succubi are a threat but doesn't know that Salma killed those guards.Once you reach the alley, use your.With red curtains covering almost every wall looking for oral sex preventing anyone on the outside to see that there's a succubus inside.The players will have to link those two pieces of information and figure that the victims were at a brothel before the murder.From there, Geralt can drop down into her quarters.Baldur's Gate, you can ignore the Investigation check to notice the strange Horse Footprints at the crime scene.All the workers and customers are unaware of the succubus, the only thing that they know is that the brothel started to gain more popularity recently, but they don't know why.The, witcher 3 : Wild Hunt contract deadly delights confront the succubus.

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The, witcher 3 : Wild Hunt contract deadly delights get information from the medic.