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It is a beautiful thing to see how many people want to create life-affirming opportunities for the young people of Pine Ridge!
I love biking in Minneapolis because it feels like home I get to experience the trails, neighborhoods, people, and businesses escort tractor dealer up-close and at street level.
The vibe at Babes was great super positive, very welcoming.
Babes in Bikeland excited me because it is a race by WTFs for WTFs.I feel like other people will see this weakness as stemming from my femininitya femininity I express loudly in other ways.Our theme was celebration, and we were so happy to wobble, dance, and raffle the night away at First Ave Main Room with you!We took like a three hour nap afterward and smashed like two burgers.But I did.296 Beth Wagner 8:25 Completed both races!More than anything, it challenges me, humbles me, and pushes me to be better.I find that biking is a good tool to meet people and sometimes make friends!Please send any corrections/questions to, longer (Race A place.We had so many adventures, but now my Clockwork and I are having so many adventures!One of my best days of biking was when I biked to Stillwater Tree Farm to chop down my Christmas tree.Putting on Babes TEN was a big effort, and we organizers recognize the need to care for ourselves and take a break.
Bob Stevens, Mary Hadcock, Jennifer Stevenson, Maribeth Helen, Chyanss Gish, Rachel Dyer, Tatiana Chavitage, Lilly Knopf, Savannah Mirisola-Sullivan, Raphael Augustin, Richard Waters, Vende Miriam Sells, William Hanson, Treva Silverman, Ron Matthews, Richard Holley, Marie Heaney, Betsy Reed, Justin Rodgers, Hillary Mulka, Jennifer DeLong, Krystal Gibbon.
It is not light or fast, but it can really go anywhere and do anything.

This is a message from Jessica N, Jessica B, and Low- your friendly Babes in Bikeland organizers!