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Classroom bulge, forging the school district to hire 51 extra elementary teachers.Pendergast, Jim's brother, is named superintendent of streets.Roberts is so embarrassed that the report of McCoy's prize is only four paragraphs long.Kansas City's 1 billion in bank clearings are among the 10 highest in the nation.But her strong Southern sympathies sometimes make it difficult to raise the money needed for the home.Hale: Entering the building as publisher shortly after the sale, Hale overhauls every department of the newspaper, cuts costs and oversees improvements.Although it guarantees The Star a steady stream of newsprint, the mill also is a heavy polluter.Estimates of his wealth range from 5 million to 10 million.Union Station Massacre - One of the most infamous dates in Kansas City history is the Union Station Massacre.The fount of his power is his 700-odd precinct captains, called "Joe Doakeses who can make life easier - or much harder - for families.Her house at Third and Wyandotte streets is converted into a women's shelter.The Lake City Ordnance Plant will be cranking out 200 million rounds of ammunition monthly within 3 years.And he helps to write the city charter and signs Kansas City's first laws.A poem read at the formal banquet goes like this: "The Bridge, it is finished / In all its ponderosity / Trains have dashed over it / With great impetuosity / And thousands today / Have seen this curiosity." It helps to make the city.There are no private offices - some say that is because Nelson wants everyone to feel equal; others say it is because he wants to watch his help.Damages are estimated.7 million.(T WA) chooses centrally-located Kansas City for its headquarters in June.1928 - Kansas City hosts the Republican National Convention that nominates Herbert Hoover for president.Standard Oil opens a refinery in tiny Sugar Creek.French officer Etienne Veniard de Bourgmont passes the area on his way to visit the grand village of the Kansas Indians.He buys newspaper shares for 500 and builds a small brick home with a picket fence in the suburbs near Walnut and 11th streets.
New York writer Washington Irving, traveling with a party that includes Paul Liguest Chouteau and.H.B.