Is it the older men who started the chain reaction by going for younger girls or, the younger girls started hunting the older men for money?
The report says the standards victorian prostitutes images and guidelines will thereafter be used to audit the security status of all universities and ensure accredited ones meet minimum standards and guidelines including those on safety and security.
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Older Women are aggressively hunting younger campus kids who are either engulfed with bitterness after watching their campus sweethearts drive away with an older man or, are just broke and want to live the flashy life seen in the estate.Young women eyeing older guys for money is now being viewed as a normal thing in Kenya's society - But in Kahawa Sukari, there's a looming crisis where older women are now hunting younger men as much.Download it to get these and many more features.BBC indicates that children as young as 12 are frequently involved in prostitution, particularly in the coastal region of Kenya.Kenya has an international reputation as one of the biggest sex tourism destinations in the world.Kenyatta University is a leading University in Kenya which offers world class training and research facilities in a serene environment to over 70,000 students from all over the country.There are few topics I avoid writing about, and one of them is that on sponsors.Many women and young girls are forced into prostitution due to poverty, lack of job opportunities, culture, and the disintegration of the family unit.Probably worse than they're used.The report indicate universities have become hideouts and convergence points for criminals especially in hostels.Cross-generational affairs are on the rise and the society doesnt clearly know whom to blame.